Dublin can be heaven…

I will be exhibiting this weekend ( 22, 23, 24 August 2014 ) in the People’s Art event in St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin City.

I encourage you to come and look at my work and the work of the other fantastic artists who make up this special event.
Come and say hello.

Some imagination will be required here ( for the weather ) but what a nice daydream to have this summer as you contemplate a trip into the city :

Dublin can be heaven / with coffee at eleven / and a stroll / in Stephen’s Green.
No need to hurry / no need to worry / you’re a king / and the lady’s a queen.
Grafton Street’s a wonderland / there’s magic in the air / there are diamonds in the lady’s eyes / and gold dust in her hair.
And if you don’t believe me / come and meet me there / in Dublin / on a sunny summer morning.

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